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Don’t feel like exiting to your home country for a visa change? Voyage Venture Tourism has a solution.

Choose our Airport to Airport visa change and fly for a visa change in Oman without requiring an Oman tourist visa or to any nearby country via a flight from Dubai or Sharjah Airport. Upon landing, wait for your approved UAE visa, and have a wonderful stay in the urban city of Dubai.

These visa packages are said to be the easiest way to complete your visa procedures in UAE. So, let Voyage Venture  Tourism aide you with all that you need.


Price Includes

  • UAE Visa
  • Round-trip Tickets
  • Airport Transfers

Additional Information

  • Offer is applicable to ALL nationalities.
  • The Dubai Airport visa change is valid only for Indians and Filipino nationalities.
  • The Sharjah Airport visa change is valid for other nationalities and a mandatory HALA fee is required to be paid.

Terms & Conditions

  • Visa Approval is up to immigration only.
  • In case of any rejection, Voyage Venture Tourism is not responsible for the application charge.
  • If a person does not leave UAE within the required time as per their visa, then all the fines will be paid by the Applicant / Guarantor of the Applicant.
  • In case of all kind of overstays or absconding of the applicant, all the fines will be paid by Applicant/guarantor of the applicant.
  • Applicant MUST submit their visa extension application 10 days prior to their current tourist visa expiration date.

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